Zakiya Robinson

Doula, Certified First Aid and CPR Instructor and Massage Therapist

Zakiya Robinson is a mother, Doula, Certified First Aid and CPR Instructor and Massage Therapist. She is also a Placenta Encapsulator, which she believes is very beneficial to her community. Zakiya began as a child with the interest of promoting health and wellness through the example of her father, who was an established and well-respected Chiropractor in Richmond, Virginia. As she observed her parents working side by side, she learned the importance of health education and found her way to express her love of people. At the age of 22 she became the Administrative Assistant where she maintained the front office and all clerical duties. In 2002, Zakiya obtained a license and certification in Massage Therapy which she used to establish her own business as well as provide therapy to patients.

She served as a Nurses Aide for hospice patients and a Direct Support Professional for individuals with disabilities. Losing both grandmothers to cancer at a young age has given Zakiya a different perspective on her own life, which propelled her interest in women’s health. She began by researching natural alternatives for her own ailments. She also found and began promoting all natural sanitary napkins and joined platforms that educated women about their reproductive and overall health. This multifaceted journey has been crucial in Zakiya’s growth to becoming stronger and well-rounded in health and wellness. Through her commitment to women’s health and birth work, she knows that she will be a great advocate for mothers and future mothers in her community and abroad.