Tomasina Oliver

DEM, LM, CPM, HHC, Master Herbalist, Bio-Botanical Engineering Consultant

Midwife Tomasina Oliver, DEM, LM, CPM, HHC, Master Herbalist, Bio-Botanical Engineering Consultant Began exploring her interests in Natural Healing Arts and Complementary Medicine as a Midwife after the home birth of her first child in 1993. After attending the University of California Irvine and University of California Riverside, Tomasina took her undergraduate talents in philosophy, performing arts and social law and relocated back to the east coast where, she completed her Diploma of Midwifery and graduated in 1997 from the School of Complementary Medicine in Central FL. Tomasina has many credentials in ethno-medicinal sciences, botanical chemistry, health & mental wellness counseling, education and spiritual facilitation work.

Tomasina apprenticed with many Midwives from all over the world! CNM’s, CPM’s, ARNP’s,meta-physical healers, physicians and several other multi-disciplinary specialists to complete an internship as a Complementary Medicine Practitioner aka Naturopath at a time when no license was required. 

She remains committed to building within communities of African descent to enhance social justice for all concerned while serving all Mother’s and their families. Her skill set is unparalleled in diverse treatment options as she has delivered double and well over 1000 babies! Tomasina promotes teaching and sharing with younger Midwives ANS(Autonomic Nerve System) Therapy, Iridology, Kinesiology, MT (Muscle Testing) and NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) as a few other healing arts acquired over the past 20 years. Having briefly served on the NARM (North American Registry Midwives) board, she is familiar with the nuances and intricacies of corporate Midwifery work and has served as Vice President for MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America).