Black Woman's Guide to Choosing a Midwife or Doula

Trying to choose the right option for you and your baby? Use this side-by-side comparison guide to measure what you want and how best to get it. Print this out as you meet with other birth workers so you can compare what works best for y0u
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What is your website?    
Motto Protecting The Sanctity of Black Life One Birth At A Time    
Philosophy We are a collective of mothers, daughters, community members, birth workers, professionals, and healers that care about the future of our communities and the value of life within them. UBBC is committed to protecting the sanctity of Black life through supporting Black birth workers, honoring the cultural traditions, and informing communities of color of birthing options and choices.    
How many team members do you have? 4    
Are you a licensed company/service? Yes    
About how many babies have you delivered? ~ 2000+    
How many years of individual or combined experience do you have? 60 years of combined experience with staff members    
Where do you provide services? primarily Richmond, VA and surrounding area; however, we are willing to travel for some services depending on a client’s needs    
Do you live close enough to reach me any time I go into labor? Yes, if you are in Richmond    
Can I hire you even if I don’t live in your area? Yes, though consult us 1st to ensure that distance doesn’t interfere winterfere with your birth or our presence with others.    
Do you have relationships with medical facilities if I need those? Yes, let’s discuss which are closest to you.    
Where can I give birth if I use your services? Depending on the service, at home, a birthing center, hospital, or another place of your choice    
Do you help after the baby is born? Absolutely. The birth is where it begins, but helping you and your newborn get settled on your journey is also a part of the role of your birth team.    
How does it work when we work together? We create a unique-to-you birth plan and then follow and adjust the plan according to your evolving needs.    
Can you assist me with learning how to breastfeed and do newborn care? Yes, we can help you and your new born with latching, Techniques to avoid soreness, learning the best feeding schedules, and with wellness tips to ensure your breastmilk has key nutrients.    
Do you help with pain management? Yes, there are natural types of pain management. We can discuss your options    
Can you examine me me immediately after giving birth to make sure physically okay? Yes, the physical examination is an important part of the post labor service.    
Can you give me tips on how to prepare my space for giving birth at home? Yes, preparation is an integral part of the care you will receive    
Can you guide me on what to buy to ready my home for my newborn? Yes, we will assess & make recommendations for your need & budget.    
Can you recommend physical exercises to help for an easier delivery? Yes, during our visits you’ll learn all types of techniques to help to help you get your body ready for delivery.    
Do you have other midwives on staff who can help me if I go into labor unexpectedly and you’re unavailable? It rarely happens but just in case, you’ll meet another team member who will know your birth plan.    
How were you trained? Training programs and apprenticing with others who have over 20 years of experience.    
Do you undergo continuing education courses? Yes not only do we take them. We actually provide continuing education for other midwives.    
Are there safeguards to intervene in events of catastrophic emergency? Yes. That will be part of your birth plan    
What is your success ratio or percentage? 99.97%    
What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, check, or credit card and depending on the services, we also accept some insurances    
How much is your service? We have consultations to find the best option for you.    
Do you offer payment plans? Explore payment options in your initial consultation.