United Black Birth Collective

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Our Mission

UBBC is committed to protecting the sanctity of Black life through supporting Black birth workers, honoring the cultural traditions of Black birth, and informing communities of color of birthing options and choices. Our goal is to protect the birthing power of the Black community through the offering of culturally centered, quality care rooted in consciousness; provide supportive pathways of growth and development for Black birth workers; and promote unification of all interested in the advancement of Black birth within our communities.

Who We Are

We are a collective of mothers, daughters, community members, birth workers, professionals, and healers that care about the future of our communities and the value of life within them. We believe in the principle and power of unity as we support one another and our communities’ health, well-being, and purpose.

Support Services

UBBC supports the families and communities that we serve and our birth workers by providing quality, culturally-centered birth services and experiential, community-based learning opportunities for our birth workers. We believe that it is every family’s right to dignity, respect, and autonomy in birth and every birth worker’s right to have sustainable opportunities to support their community.


"[She] was amazing! From the moment we met her… there was a connection. During my pregnancy she was there every step of the way! Not only as a support system during my pregnancy, but because of her background in counseling and mental health, she was able to help me in other areas of my life as well. Having my first baby during the height of COVID was the scariest thing and just to have someone to lean on mentally was a blessing. Our initial plan was to give birth at a birthing center but when I was in the final stage of labor at the birth center, there were complications with the position of my baby and we had to drive to the hospital so I could deliver her. [She] was there every step of the way. She was calm, and so supportive. When we got to the hospital I walked right into the delivery room and pushed for an hour and I couldn’t have done it without [her]. She was more than a blessing. She had a solution to everything. Even after I had my baby she was there and gave me that support that I needed. Hands down the best doula ever."
Ari'Yah Medina

Education & Outreach

Midwives of color represent a disproportionately small number of midwives in the U.S., with Black midwives representing only about 2% of all midwives in the United States. With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to create supportive pathways of education and professional development for birth workers of color in general, and Black birth workers in particular. Our aim is to increase representation of birth workers of color through eliminating barriers to education, advancement, and peer support.